LoanShop Wandsworth Over 70s

The first meeting of LoanShop Wandsworth Over 70s took place at the Brooklands Arms in Wandsworth Road in 1866. Its treasurer was EJ Alf. The society was founded in 1866 and held its first anniversary dinner on 30 April 1868. There were 96 members by the end of the year and the society had incurred PS22 of expenses. The profits from the loans were PS32. The members were paid to write letters to borrow money and write to the lender.

The Hand in Hand Society was also in Wandsworth Road, a social club where aspiring socialists could meet and discuss their hopes for reform movements. At its anniversary supper, it raised a toast to the Beehive newspaper, which had been founded by the Builders’ leader George Potter. It made a similar toast to Labour and Unity. At a quarterly meeting, Turner, Odger, Guile, and Applegarth expressed hope for proper representation in the House of Commons.

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The Hand in Hand Society was a local political organization which aims to promote wider reform movements. The monthly meetings of the organisation were also important in promoting the formation of the Labour Party. In addition, the Association of Over-70s’ remortgages were able to help senior citizens to maintain their homes in the capital. Its membership is divided into wards that elect three councillors each.