Hot Venetian Islands Homes For Sale Near the Hollywood Studios

The beautiful Venetian Islands is a perfect vacation spot, and that’s why the sale of these dream islands has become a hot commodity. The luxury accommodations are superb, the beaches are spectacular, and the island life is incomparable. A luxury vacation home in Venice, with all the modern conveniences of daily life within its walls, is one of the best ways to experience this magnificent Italian city. A luxury Italian vacation home can be as simple as a sf lot on a quiet little corner of the island or as grandiose as a full-blown villa with a swimming pool, gym, hot tub, and private stretch limousine.

Enjoy a Fantastic and Incredible rental Villa on The Venetian Islands -  Miami - Get Americas

Venice, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany, is known for its romance and art. It is also famed as the City of Love because of its famous art galleries, great shopping areas, and high-class restaurants. This city is home to some of the most beautiful Venice homes for sale by real estate brokers. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms to choose from in the living area of Venice, including a guest room.

The Palm Beach Gardens on the coast of Miami is a charming Miami beach community nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the gorgeous waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There are beautiful Venetian Island homes for sale in this area at a bargain price. This community is known as being the perfect place for an executive lifestyle, along with plenty of opportunities to live out your fantasy of life on the beach. The main area of Palm Beach has twenty-one blocks that are made up of eleven different streets. Each block is beautifully manicured and has a variety of different types of houses.

North of the city of Miami, you will come to the location of the “Gables.” This area is known as being one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the entire city of Miami Beach. It has one of the largest single-family homes for sale in the city of Miami Beach along with wonderful amenities. The Gables is known for being a gated community that features exceptional security. This area is also close to the many different dining and shopping centers as well as the famous CocoWalk.

Just west of the Gables is the Miami Gardens. This area features larger homes that offer great views of the beautiful ocean and the luxurious beaches of South Florida. There are three single-family homes for sale in the Miami Gardens that have been featured in several national and local publications. These include the exquisite Venetian Isles with its exquisite art Deco facade, the Blue Moon villa, and the Elegant Enigma. There are also venetian islands homes for sale near the famous CocoWalk.

Two other neighborhoods that are just south of the Venetian Isles are the North Miami Beach and Coral Gables. These neighborhoods both offer unique living areas and wonderful views of the ocean. Both of these neighborhoods are well maintained and have excellent landscaping. There are three Venetian Islands homes for sale in these two neighborhoods that have been featured in recent local and national publications including the Miami New Times, Sun Sentinel, and the Miami New Day. These properties are located in the sought after South Florida lot.

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