5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay – The Meaning of the American Dream

The American dream argumentative essay follows a common structure of argument. The essay begins with an introduction that sets up the argument and then goes through the body offering a different interpretation of the text. Each part of the argument is explained using different words and phrases so as to build the theme of the essay. A well-structured essay is discussed with an emphasis on the introductory, main body, and closing of the five paragraph essay.

Beyond the American Dream. I grew up in India — a country so… | by IA |  Medium

The opening part introduces the concept of the American dream. The essay topic selection can be chosen from a wide range of topics such as economic opportunity, personal success, personal freedom, entrepreneurialism, and many others. The opening also offers information on why the topic is chosen. Furthermore, the opening provides enough information to allow the reader to determine if the topic selection is right for them. Looking More visit https://americandreamproject.org/free-essays/american-dream-ideas/.

The second part of the American dream argumentative essay focuses on how the American dream can realistically be lived by many people in today’s society. The essay focuses on how the American dream can be achieved by providing the correct setting and environment for the person to make it a reality. The environment is considered to include all aspects of the student’s life including the home, school, work and community. The home is an important part of the American dream because it is where the family gathers together to spend time with one another. Therefore, many people consider their home to be their fortress against everything that is not positive in their lives.

The third part of the American dream argumentative essay discusses the main concept with supporting evidence. The main concept is a very important part of the essay and is developed using strong arguments that provide the necessary information for readers to reach a conclusion. The most common argument in this section includes the freedom, the opportunity and the security provided by the American dream. These three statements provide strong evidence to support the main concept of the essay.

The final part of this five-paragraph essay addresses the conclusion part. The conclusion provides the student with the conclusion and a conclusion that offer advice for future students on how to attain the American dream. This section is very important because the student should be able to fully understand the meaning of the American dream and how to achieve it. Furthermore, the student should know how to analyze this information for further support.

The five paragraph term American dream refers to the fact that many people in this country have found themselves stuck in financial hardships due to the current state of the economy. However, despite this hardship, many people continue to strive and succeed in life. The truth of the matter is that many people do not know the true story of what the term American dream really means. In order to prevent the future students from having the same difficulties as they did, this five paragraph argumentative essay requires the student to read more information about the situation.

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