Types of Safety Toe Caps In The Boots

When doing a job where you areexposed to multiple hazards, you need the necessary protection. One such job isconstruction where you are prone to the danger of being injured by fallingobjects. You do need a helmet, heavy gloves and more so safety boots.

Depending on where you work, you have to choose the boots according to the different level of safety protection offered. This is through the various types of safety toe caps in the boots.
There are:

Steel Toe Caps

Most commonly used, these safety toe caps ensure maximum protection. They are very cheap thus easily accessible.However, they are a bit heavy and are not recommended for workers who move around a lot. They also are quite uncomfortable in extreme weather as the steel easily gets cold and hot. For electricians or workers exposed to electrical
hazards, you should not use boots with steel toe caps as it is a good electrical conductor.

Alloy Toe Caps

Recently gaining popularity,these are almost new in the market. They are being preferred for offering almost as similar protection as steel toe caps but are lighter. They also are thinner in construction thus your toes have more room. You will however be required to dig a little deeper into your pockets to buy them. Do not use one if you are prone to electrical hazards as the materials mainly used are aluminum and titanium
which conduct electricity.

Composite toe caps

These are the lightest in themarket and most recommended for electricians and workers who face littledanger. They have great tolerance of heat thus can be used in extreme weather. They do offer less protection than the others.

Depending on the kind of job youdo, with the above detailed look into the types of safety toe caps in the boots,you should by now have a concrete choice.


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